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Rationale and Overview

Vanguard paradigms in biology and biomedicine are forged from complex technological advancements and unparalleled large-scale human experimentation. These paradigms compel researchers to collect copious data and to interpret them as scientific evidence. Biostatisticians are the specialists who translate data into scientific evidence. They separate ‘signal from noise’ in vast and complex data and use probabilistic models to generalize findings. Biostatisticians understand and manage uncertainty.

Biostatisticians are statistical scientists on the forefront of biomedical research, contributing to the body of knowledge in medicine and biology through collaboration and development of new statistical methods for biomedical applications. Biostatisticians apply their skills in interdisciplinary research collaborations that span the basic, translational, clinical, and public health sciences. Examples include clinical trials, health care policy evaluations, epidemiologic investigations, genetic epidemiology, proteomics, genomics, cellular and molecular biology, and imaging sciences.

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