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Thesis Committee

Students who successfully complete their first-year course work and who pass their first-year comprehensive examination at the MS or PhD level may select a thesis advisor and thesis committee. The thesis advisor, who will chair the thesis committee, must hold a PhD in Biostatistics or Statistics and be a member of the Biostatistics Graduate Program faculty. The thesis committee consists of two Vanderbilt faculty members, one of whom is the (Biostatistics) thesis advisor. PhD candidates in other departments (not Biostatistics) are strongly encouraged to enlist a faculty member from their home department for the other committee member. The thesis committee is responsible for guiding the student in their production of a thesis that provides evidence of original investigation in theoretical or applied biostatistical methods. This may be as brief as a publishable paper detailing the biostatistical investigation accompanied by an introductory chapter.
Details regarding intent to graduate and thesis submission can be found at: Vanderbilt University Graduate School Thesis Guide



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