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MS Elective Coursework

Routine electives offered by the Department of Biostatistics will be: Clinical Trials and Experimental Design (321), Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics (334), Principles of Graphics (336), Statistical Learning and Multivariate Methods (355), Accommodating Missing Data (338), and Causal Inference (375), Analytical Techniques in Genetic Epidemiology (EPID 333), Applied Nonparametric Statistics ( ). Students interested in pursuing a professional career in Biostatistics will benefit from taking several of these electives. It is expected that faculty will develop and offer electives in their specific area of methodological research; such courses will be offered at the discretion of the faculty. The eight electives identified here warrant at least bi-annual offerings.

Biostatistics students also are encouraged to take courses that would expand the student’s scientific knowledgebase in areas of anticipated professional collaboration. For example, students with interest in genetics or genomics will be encouraged to take courses in the Center for Human Genetics. Electives should impart statistical content or scientific knowledge through theory, application, or discussion. An excellent example of one such course is a new course from the Human Genetics department: “Human Genetic Epidemiology”.

In addition, the Department of Biostatistics will actively encourage PhD candidates in quantitative fields other than Biostatistics to complete a Master of Science in Biostatistics during their PhD candidacy. To encourage this, the requirement for MS electives may be filled with subject matter courses in their home department. We expect that PhD candidates from departments other than Biostatistics will substitute subject matter courses from their home department for most, if not all, of the required elective and ethics courses for a MS in Biostatistics.



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