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    • 10/03/2014 - 12:00 p.m.
      Panel Discussion: The Life and Legacy of Bishop Joseph A. Johnson , Jr.
      <p><img alt="" height="100" src="https://events.vanderbilt.edu/uploads/BishopJosephA.Johnson_001.jpg" width="100" /></p> <p>All are in invited to join us in celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth and the 60th anniversary of his graduation from Vanderbilt. Panelists will reflect on Bishop Johnson as a scholar, a bishop, and a civil rights advocate, as well as his legacy as Vanderbilt's first African American student.</p> <p>The event will be co-sponsored with the Bishop Joseph Johnson History Project.&nbsp;</p>  Read More...
    • 10/13/2014 - 4:30 p.m.
      The Afro-Hispanic Review and the BCC, Annual Dia de La Raza Celebration
      <p><span style="font-size: 11px;"><img alt="" height="100" src="https://events.vanderbilt.edu/uploads/DiadelaRaza.jpg" width="100" /></span></p> <p><span style="font-size: 11px;">Free and Open to the Public</span></p> <p><br /><span>Location: Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center (<a href="http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=105732721498059964437.00047d89e27862c8c0e46&amp;ll=36.146903,-86.803086&amp;spn=0.013099,0.020578&amp;z=16&amp;iwloc=00047d8a3056d05e02284">Google map of this location</a></span><span>)</span><br /><br /><span>Come out for the celebration of Latino/Latina cultural and heritage, featuring food, music, and fun!</span><br /><span><br /></span></p>  Read More...
    • 10/15/2014 - 12:00 p.m.
      Activism & Social Justice Series with Phillip Goff
      <p><img alt="" height="100" src="https://events.vanderbilt.edu/uploads/2014-09-05100_0844.jpg" width="100" />&nbsp;<a href="https://events.vanderbilt.edu/uploads/74604593-Activism.jpg">Download flyer</a></p> <p>Activism &amp; Social Justice Series in "Post-Racial" America: A Dialogue in Three Parts</p> <p>Racism without Racists: Racial Profiling, Police Bias, and Racial Inequality: "Ferguson, Sanford, Fla., Oakland and New York."</p> <p><a href="https://www.psych.ucla.edu/faculty/page/goff">Phillip Goff</a>, UCLA and Harvard University&nbsp;Kennedy School's Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy Researcher, Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity</p> <p>Moderator: <a href="http://as.vanderbilt.edu/aads/people/gilman-whiting.php">Gilman W. Whiting</a>, African American and Diaspora Studies, Vanderbilt University</p> <p>Co-sponsored by: The Office of the Associate Provost and Dean of Students and the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center</p>  Read More...
    • 10/28/2014 - 6:00 p.m.
      Art Exhibit Opening Reception: My Voice: Speaking Through the Silence
      <p><img alt="" height="100" src="https://events.vanderbilt.edu/uploads/2014-09-22_1536.jpg" width="100" /></p> <p>My Voice: Speaking Through the Silence, The Art by Dayo</p> <p>During a recent illness, Dayo completely lost her audible voice. Determined to be heard, she returned to her gift, Art. This exhibit is a testimony of her spiritual and natural journey through not only this year of voiceless ness, but her life as a visual elocutionist.&nbsp;Join Dayo and her son, Dancer/ Choreographer, Malik as they converse through Visual Art and Dance. Her exhibit will be on display through Friday, December 5.</p>  Read More...
    • 11/04/2014 - 12:00 p.m.
      BCC Book Club: Desegregating Private Higher Education in the South
      <p><img alt="" height="100" src="https://events.vanderbilt.edu/uploads/Williamsd-100.jpg" width="100" /></p> <p>BCC Book Club: Desegregating Private Higher Education in the South: Duke, Emory, Rice, Tulane, and Vanderbilt, by Melissa Kean</p> <p>The BCC welcomes you to join us in a book discussion led by David Williams, Vice Chancellor for University affairs and Athletics.</p>  Read More...