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Strategic Planning

ACE Success Plan and Report 2014 – 2015
Final Success Plan

VPB 2014-2015 Highlights

  • 31% decrease in incidents reported on the night of VPB sponsored programs.
  • 62.5% decrease in incidents reported during Rites of Spring Weekend.
  • A new alcohol policy was implemented for the Rites of Spring Music Festival and eliminated the BYOB 6-pack option.
  • 13.11% increase in student ticket sales for Commodore Quake and a10.5% increase for Rites of Spring.
  • 150% increase in applications received for Vanderbilt Programing Board leadership positions.
  • There was an increase in minority student applications for our Vanderbilt Programming Board positions.
  • 13.37% increase in our social media presence with our followers (Twitter).
  • There were 32,591 participants that checked in though Anchor Link for Vanderbilt Programming Board events.
  • The sold out 2015 IMPACT Symposium included award-winning playwright and actress Anna Deavere Smith, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.
  • General public sales for Rites of Spring had an increase of 24.40%.
  • The newly created Lunch & Learn Series was an overwhelming success and 89% of the participants strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the program and would recommend it to their peers.

Program Summaries

Vanderbilt Programming Board (VPB) is comprised of the six largest programming organizations on campus. The purpose of VPB is to sponsor, integrate, and provide social, cultural, educational, recreational, and multicultural activities at Vanderbilt:

  • CityVU provides Vanderbilt students with opportunities to explore Nashville, TN. 
  • Homecoming activities unite undergraduates, graduates, alumni and the greater Nashville community under the umbrella of pride and excitement for Vanderbilt University.
  • The Music Group is a student concert committee that plans, publicizes, and produces several concerts a year for students of Vanderbilt and the Nashville community. Events typically include a spring and fall concert, Commodore Quake and the Rites of Spring.
  • Vanderbilt University Speakers Committee has the responsibility of enhancing the quality of student life and the Vanderbilt educational experience by attracting and presenting distinguished speakers to the University.
  • Vandy Fanatics is the student organization dedicated to promoting school spirit by sponsoring events for the entire Vanderbilt community. Events are planned and programmed to encourage attendance at athletic events, support student athletes, and create and uphold traditions surrounding Vanderbilt athletics.
  • The VenUe brings late night, unique, interactive, and fun programming to Vanderbilt’s campus. VenUe programs are typically offered one Friday per month and are either free of charge or offered at a reduced rate to all Vanderbilt students and community members.

Looking Forward
In the 2015-2016 academic year, ACE hopes to:

  • increase the amount of minority applicants for leadership and committee positions in our programs
  • continue to develop a culture of assessment and evaluation for student leaders that will hold them individually accountable and accountable for their programs
  • provide opportunities for the Vanderbilt Programming Board and Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community to work together and collaborate on programming
  • increase attendance at our major programs by 3%
  • ensure all programming groups are fiscally responsible.