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David Krenz

Hi! My name is David, I’m the student manager at ACE Design, and senior here at Vanderbilt. I love cheesy music, cheesy jokes, and cheesy pizza. I’m a Slythrin, a Whovian, magician, musician, animator, laminator, krenzanator, alligator.

Chiji Jon-Ubabuco

My name is Chiji Jon-Ubabuco. I am a junior at Vanderbilt and majoring in MHS. My favorite aspect of designing is having innovative and new ideas.

Julia Zhu

Julia Zhu is a junior at Vanderbilt majoring in Psychology on the Honors Track and minoring in Asian Studies. She is originally from San Jose, CA, but calls Shanghai, China her home. Outside of ACE, she is Director of Public Relations for The Nashville Mobile Market, VP of Membership for Alpha Phi Omega, and VP of Vandy Speaks. You'll either find her in Wilson, or in her room watching Doctor Who.

Vivian Perng

Hello! My name is Vivian. I'm a senior studying Math and Secondary Education. This is my first year with ACE, and it's already become my obsession! Some of my hobbies are singing, hanging out with friends, exploring new things and places, and watching movies. An interesting fact about me is that I've gone skydiving before.

Laney Keeshin

Laney Keeshin is a senior majoring in communications and art who absolutely loves avocados, apricots and autumn. She loves jazz music and feels honored to be singing with the Blair School of Music Big Band for her second semester. Finally, Laney's favorite font is Bebas.

Allyson Patterson

Allyson is a junior studying Studio Art and Human and Organizational Development. She loves bright colors, Friday and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Jonathan Larson

Jonathan Larson is a junior in the College of Arts and Science. When not working for ACE, he is involved in Vanderbilt University Theatre and a founding father of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. This is Jonathan's first semester in ACE and he's excited to get started!

Whitley O'Connor

Grew up on the South side of the Bronx, learning graphic design through the creative world of street art. A young art prodigé, Whitley won a district art competition in kindergarten with his signature style, splatter paint. Exploring his craft, he began drawing pencil comics in 6th grade and hasn't slowed down since. Having mastered the art of Microsoft Paint, Whitley joined ACE this year and quickly became the best designer, obvs totes.

Hannah Park

Hi I'm Hannah. I'm a junior with a major in HOD and a minor in FIlm Studies. I want to produce films. I collect snow globes and things that make music. I like to tell bad jokes. I'm a DJ on WRVU Nashville. And I can't seem to stay away from creating posters because design is a pretty cool thing.

Casey Apel

Casey is a sophomore Human and Organizational Development major from Los Angeles, California. At Vanderbilt, she is also involved in Vanderbilt Television's 'The Scoop'. She loves guacamole, skiing, warm weather, and of course, designing.

Ryan Roberts

Hi, I am Ryan, a junior econmics major. I've been drawing cartoons since I was little and switched from pen and paper to computers as soon as I could. I'm looking forward to this year with ACE.

Eliza Robson

Eliza is a sophomore studying Psychology and Sociology from Boston, Mass. Besides art and design, she loves crime TV shows, cooking, and performing trapeze and acrobatics.

Maggie Knox

Maggie Knox is a sophomore from Abingdo, Virgina majoring in Communications and minoring in Corporate Strategy. She writes for the Vanderbilt Hustler and is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.