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Vanderbilt Mobile Application Team

The Vanderbilt Mobile Application Team comprises Vanderbilt students and is committed to bringing high quality mobile applications to Vanderbilt University. We encourage all those interested in learning mobile development to join our group.

All of our work is open source and can be found online.

We are highly committed to developing quality practical applications in a timely manner, and the open source, interconnected nature of our development process allows an advancement in one application to produce positive effects in many others.

In addition to mobile application development, VMAT supports research and learning in computer science. Many of our projects lead to cutting edge research work by students. Our group also trains students in advanced mobile development, giving Vanderbilt a ready pool of capable developers for special purpose projects. This group of talented individuals helps to advance Vanderbilt's technological capabilities and advance its Web and mobile presences.

We currently work with the iPhone and Android platforms, but are always willing to work with new platforms.

If you are interested in programming for a particular platform, we would be more than happy to have you join our group, and we would help you succeed in any way possible.

Contact us for more information.

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