Anthropology Courses taught by Professor Tung

Anthropology 103: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

  • Anthropology 267: Death and the Human Body
  • Anthropology 270: Human Osteology
  • Anthropology 271: Human Evolution
  • Anthropology 272: Human Variation
  • Anthropology 274: Health and Disease in Ancient Populations
    • There are no prerequisites for any of the 200-level courses.
  • Anthropology 367 (Graduate Seminar): Bioarchaeology: Theory & Methods
  • Anthropology 328 (Graduate seminar): Violence and Its Embodiments in the Past and Present
    • Advanced undergrads may enroll in graduate seminars with permission from the professor.

If you are interested in writing a Senior Honors Thesis for the Department of Anthropology, visit this site for details.


Sam Larson and Alyson Aldridge photographing skeletal material in the Osteology Lab (Course, Anth 274).

Teresa Franco and Kelly Coffman examining human skeletal remains in the Osteology Lab (Course, Anth 274).