Bioarch & Arch in the News

Here are a few links to articles in the popular press showcasing some of the fascinating research done by scholars in archaeology and bioarchaeology, particularly in Latin America.

A note to my students: You may not use these articles as references for your course papers (though they will give you some good ideas for paper topics). You must read and cite the original article from the academic journal where it was originally published (e.g., Nature, Science, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Latin American Antiquity, etc.)

Seaweed Suggests First Humans in America Took the Coastal Route. NY Times.

Inca Skull Surgeons Were “Highly Skilled,” Study Finds.

Scott Norris for National Geographic News. May 12, 2008

Evidence Supports Earlier Date for People in North America. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. April 4, 2008. NY Times.

From a Burial Pit in Southern Peru, a Golden Oldie. By HENRY FOUNTAIN

April 1, 2008. NY Times.

Ancient Temple Discovered Among Inca Ruins.

Kelly Hearn in Buenos Aires, Argentina for National Geographic News. March 31, 2008

The Grim Story of Maya Blue. By KENNETH CHANG. February 29, 2008. NY Times.

Clues to Black Plague’s Fury in 650-Year-Old Skeletons. By NICHOLAS BAKALAR. January 29, 2008. NY Times.

Love of Chocolate May Have Begun With Cacao Beer. By HENRY FOUNTAIN

November 13, 2007. NY Times.

Inca Sacrifice Victims “Fattened Up” Before Death.

Kelly Hearn for National Geographic News. October 3, 2007

In Argentina, a Museum Unveils a Long-Frozen Maiden. By DENISE GRADY. September 11, 2007. NY Times.

Squash Seeds Show Andean Cultivation Is 10,000 Years Old, Twice as Old as Thought. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. June 29, 2007.

Earliest Gunshot Victim in New World Is Reported. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. June 20, 2007. NY Times.

How the Inca Leapt Canyons. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. May 8, 2007. NY Times.

Stone Towers Are Decoded as Earliest Solar Observatory in the Americas. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD.March 6, 2007. NY Times.

A Peruvian Woman of A.D. 450 Seems to Have Had Two Careers. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. May 17, 2006. NY Times.

Evidence Found for Canals That Watered Ancient Peru. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. January 3, 2006. NY Times.

A 1,200-Year-Old Murder Mystery in Guatemala. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD

November 17, 2005. NY Times.

Those Ancient Incan Knots? Tax Accounting, Researchers Suggest. By NICHOLAS WADE. August 16, 2005. NY Times.

Maya Tomb Tells Tale of Two Women, Elite but Doomed. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. June 14, 2005. NY Times.

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