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Navigating Your Home Page

Anchor Link has both a public version of the site as well as a customized view with additional content for campus users who are logged in using their VUnet ID.

The public Anchor Link site is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Organizations in Anchor Link can choose whether the events and content they create is “Public”, “Campus Only” (users must be logged in with their VUnet ID), or “Organization Only” (only visible to members on their roster).
*All content that users must be logged in to view is noted with an asterisk

Black Toolbar:

Organizations Directory
Clicking “Organizations” in the black toolbar will allow the user to access the complete listing of organizations in the system. Search for organizations alphabetically, by name, or by category. Clicking on any organization’s name will provide basic profile information for that organization as well as any content they have chosen to display publicly or to campus users.

Events Calendar
Clicking “Events” in the black toolbar will allow the user to access the complete listing of “Public” events to anyone and “Campus Only” events to users who are logged in.  Search for events by date, name, or category.

Campus Links
Clicking this tab in the black toolbar will connect the user to the Anchor Link Resources Website, Dean of Students Website, and additional campus resources.

*Gold Toolbar:

*Your Name
Clicking on your name will allow you to edit your profile, upload a picture, update your contact information, designate interests to receive custom recommendations for organizations and events, and edit your privacy settings and notification settings.

*My Involvement
This drop down is where you go to manage your involvement within Anchor Link. From this section you can access and edit your organization memberships, view your personal events calendar, log self-reported experiences (ex. internships, study abroad, awards), edit your interests, track your service hours, access forms/events/elections/organization registrations you have started, view your Co-Curricular Program progress, access downloaded files, and view/edit your Co-Curricular Resume.

*My Shortcuts
Your shortcuts will display any organization you are a member of within the system. This is the fastest way to get to the home page for any organization you are a part of.

This is your message inbox within Anchor Link. Depending on your notification settings, you may receive messages to both your @vanderbilt.edu e-mail address and your Anchor Link inbox.

Home Page:

Alerts & Important Information
Users should pay close attention to this bar, as important information regarding student organizations and alerts about approaching deadlines will be posted here.  This is also the easiest way to reach the Anchor Link Help Ticket (used to submit technical issues, ask questions, or request a training) and the Card Reader Check Out Form to reserve a free card reader for attendance tracking. *Note: You must log in to access these forms

*Profile Picture
Upload a profile picture and it will show up next to your name on any organization rosters and on any of the posts you make throughout the Anchor Link system.

*“Edit Profile”
Click this button to edit any of the content of your profile and to update contact info, privacy settings, or notification settings.

*Event Invitations
Anytime you are invited to an event through Anchor Link highlighted invitation will appear under your profile picture. Clicking on it will take you to the event page where you can view more information or RSVP.

*My Co-Curricular Programs Dashboard
This gives you an overview of your progress in any Co-Curricular Programs you are enrolled in through Anchor Link. All users have the ability to participate in the Dore Rewards program that provides prizes for students who attend Vanderbilt Programming Board Programs. Click the “View Map” button to see a detailed chart of your progress as well as an overview the requirements and potential completion options for any program you are enrolled in.


Recommended Organizations & Events
Anchor Link utilizes an individual user’s designated interests to make recommendations of organizations and events you may be interested in.  A sampling of your recommendations is displayed on your home page. To see the complete list click “View More”. To designate your interests, click your name in the gold toolbar and select “Interests” from the drop down.

Events Cork Board
The cork board displays flyers that link to upcoming organization events. The cork board always displays “Public” events and will also display “Campus Only” events when a user is logged in. Events are displayed chronologically and update automatically on an ongoing basis. If you would like for your events to appear on the cork board, make sure you upload a flyer or image when registering your event!

News Feed
The news feed displays all news articles posted by organizations. The news feed always displays “Public” articles and will also display “Campus Only” articles when a user is logged in.

Your Organization Discussions
This feed shows any posts that have been made on the discussion wall of organizations you are a part of.