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Training Resources

Check out the resources below to help you learn how to use the various features of Anchor Link to manage your student organization or program.

This Power Point provides an overview of the features of Anchor Link for student organizations, departments, and programs. If you are interested in using Anchor Link for your office or organization, take a look through the attached document to get more insight on the functionality that you may be useful to you.

Training Power Point

Training Manual


  • Important Registration Information
  • Creating a New Event
  • Event Invitations
  • Managing RSVPs
  • Attendance Tracking


  • How to Create a Form
  • Details about Form Properties
  • Creating Multiple Pages & Using Skip Logic within Forms
  • How to Distribute a Link to an Anchor Link Form
  • How to View Form Results
  • Helpful Tips about Approving Forms
  • How to Access Uploaded Files from Forms
  • Archiving Forms

Elections & Polls

  • Creating an Election for your Organization
  • Creating Ballots for your Election
  • Editing Ballot Questions
  • Adding Photos to Ballot Answers
  • Adding Pages and Conditions to your Ballot
  • Publishing Options
  • Viewing Ballot Results