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Simplify your PR!

Posted by laura.herrod@vanderbilt.edu on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in Departments & Staff, Student Organizations.

Does your organization create events in Anchor Link and on Facebook, and then share out on Twitter?

Coordinating three separate PR platforms takes a lot of effort. Let Anchor Link become your marketing hub and make your PR efforts simpler. From your organization’s Anchor Link home page, events, or news stories, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites. Don’t waste time duplicating your efforts across these different platforms but instead use Anchor Link to expand your outreach while saving time!

Share Your Event on Facebook!

No longer do you need to make separate events on both Anchor Link and Facebook but instead you can share directly from your Anchor Link to Facebook. On your event page, click the “Share” button, select your social media outlet,  identify whether you want to post to a page you manage (i.e. your organization’s Facebook page) or your personal Facebook wall, and provide a comment you want included with the event post. This will then display your caption and a hyperlinked event flyer on your wall which when clicked will take a user to the original Anchor Link event page.

Creating events in Anchor Link then sharing to Facebook enables you to reach all the people who “like” your organization’s Facebook page while also promoting your event to the broader Vanderbilt community on the Anchor Link calendar. Using Facebook to draw traffic to your organization’s Anchor Link site also makes it more likely that students will see other information and events that your organization is trying to promote.

Important Notes:
-   Make sure your event is set to “Public” before sharing it—otherwise Facebook will only display the Anchor Link log in page instead of your event page when shared.

-  Anyone can share events from Anchor Link but only officers who have administrative access to your organization’s Facebook page will be able to post there.

Post & Tweet Your Event Reminders!

As your event draws near, Anchor Link makes sending event reminders simple. By hitting the “Share” button on your event page, you can post important information and reminders to Facebook and Twitter. A quick tweet will remind everyone to drop by your organization’s meeting, program, or volunteer opportunity.

Highlight Your Organization through Event Recaps

When your event is over, “share” your organization’s Anchor Link home page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and include a quick thank you or event recap. When a user clicks on this comment on your social media sites they will be taken to your organization’s Anchor Link page so they can learn more about what your organization has been working on.

Click here to learn more about how you can streamline your PR with Anchor Link!

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