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Upload a New Document

Posted by laura.herrod@vanderbilt.edu on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in Student Organizations.

Keep track of your organization’s history and important documents through Anchor Link and the documents feature!

Documentation is important for every student organization. Now, you can consolidate your archive and easily pass on information to future leaders and members.

Steps to upload a new document:

1. From the organization’s page, select the “Documents” tab on the left side panel.

2. Click “Upload.”

3. Select the file you wish to upload from a saved location by clicking on “Upload File”  Files must be less than 4 MB in size. 

4. Provide a title and brief description of the document.

5. Indicate the type of document from the drop down menu.

6. Set Security options:

– Public & Campus: Allows anyone within the system to view and download the document.

– Organization:  Allows only members to view and download the document.

– Only allow the following positions: Allows you to select what specific officers/members
have access to view and download the document.

7. Click “Submit Request.”


Click here to learn how to edit a document!