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Turn on Text Message Notifications

Posted by laura.herrod@vanderbilt.edu on Monday, October 7, 2013 in Students.

By turning on text message notifications, you allow any organization that you are a part of in Anchor Link to be able to text you. Groups can text their entire membership rosters or select specific members or officer positions they would like to quickly communicate with.

This feature can be used to send out event reminders or to send out last minute notices such as when a meeting is cancelled or a location changes.

Encourage any organization you are a part of to talk about how this feature can be utilized to benefit your organization and also to set up ground rules for how members would like to be communicated with (frequency, content, etc.)

To Turn On Text Message Notifications:

1. Click your name in the left corner of the top gold toolbar.





2. Click “Notifications” under Settings in the drop down menu.

3. Input/update your cell phone number and mobile carrier and click the “On” button.