The Ally Memory Disoroders Research Laboratory has a number of experiments that are currently enrolling. The laboratory has three type of experiments open for participation. We are enrolling individuals for behavioral studies (on the computer, $10/hr), EEG studies ($25/hr), and studies involving eye tracking ($25/hr). If you are interested in participating, please contact the lab below.


What to expect

For all studies, most participants first undergo a short battery of paper and pencil tests of memory and thinking.

Computer Studies
Our computer studies involve completing one or more tasks that involve looking at items such as pictures, words, or faces on a computer screen.  You will be asked to look at the items, read the items out loud, recall or predict events, or answer a simple question such as whether you like the items or not.  Your responses may be recorded and your memory for the items may be tested.  You will indicate your responses either verbally or by pressing a button on a keyboard or button box.  A member of the research staff will help to administer the computer portion of the study, so you are not required to have any prior computer knowledge. 
Computer studies should take between 30-90 minutes of your time.

EEG Studies
Similar to our computer studies, our EEG studies involve looking at items, such as pictures, words, or faces, on a computer screen. However, you will be wearing an EEG cap that is connected to a machine that will record your brain waves. Although the electrode cap used for measuring brain waves contains electrodes, there is absolutely no danger of electric shock!!! The EEG cap looks and fits like a loose swim cap.  The cap contains 128 wells, where members of the research staff will plug in electrodes that will touch your scalp at different locations.  In order to make the connection so that your brain waves are recorded, the wells will be filled with a conductive gel, which is very similar in look and feel to traditional hair gel.  Electrodes will also be placed at 5 places on your skin: 1 behind each ear, 1 on each temple, and 1 below the left eye. After members of the research staff finish placing all of the electrodes in their appropriate places, the machine that the cap is connected to will begin to record your brain waves and you will be asked to look at the computer monitor, which will show pictures or other figures to which you will respond either verbally or by pressing a button.
EEG studies generally take approximately 2 hours of your time. 



The Ally Lab is located on the 8th floor in the North Tower of Medical Center East. Feel free to download detailed directions here and a map here.


To participate, contact the lab:
(615) 875-7403