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For Parents

The services of Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education include:

  • Vanderbilt Recovery Support for students
  • Contact for AlcoholEdu, an online educational program required for first year and transfer students
  • A walk-in resource room with books, brochures and current files on the latest research and realistic alcohol and drug information
  • Assistance in class assignments, papers or projects
  • Current statistics on college drinking and drug use
  • Self help books available on loan basis
  • 12 step books and local meeting schedule
  • Scheduling presentations for residence halls, classrooms or student organizations
  • Host Responsibility training or other training
  • Advising CHEERS student organization
  • Support for alcohol-free students, recovering students, or students who are cutting down
  • Co-sponsorship opportunities . . . with student organizations or with special events planned by this office

The Office will keep your conversation confidential, except in cases defined by law where further assistance is required: suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic.  The Office keeps a list of reliable resources that can help students with any issue.  Cost of services is covered in the undergraduate and graduate students activities fees.

Alcohol &Drug Counseling and Services

Psychological and Counseling Center (PCC) provides a certified substance abuse therapist, who can help students enter treatment, prepare to return to campus and/or develop relapse prevention plans.  Contact Dorothy Gager for more information.  PCC also provides long-term counseling/therapy.  Cost of services is covered in the undergraduate and graduate students activities fees.

Office of Religious Life Students can access counseling through their respective campus ministries or the chaplain and assistant chaplain of the university. No fee involved.

Vanderbilt Medical Center
Most medical insurance will cover some cost, but always check your policy. The substance abuse therapist at PCC can assess and refer to this treatment program or a treatment program near home.

12-Step Program
There are several meetings within walking distance to Vanderbilt.  The Friendship House is the AA meeting house (within .5 miles of campus) and is open Sunday – Wednesday 8am-10pm, Thursday 8am-11pm, and Friday/Saturday 8am-Midnight.

VU Alcohol Policy

Vanderbilt’s Alcohol Policy is included in the Vanderbillt Student Handbook.

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