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Biological complexity describes, in brief, the observation that the natural world is composed of organisms that exhibit both intricate adaptations and extraordinary diversity.  

Understanding adaptation and diversity is basically what interests me.  I am particularly interested in social and symbiotic interactions.  Evolution provides the framework, and  I draw on fields ranging from genetics and molecular biology to ecology and behavior for both techniques and inspiration. 

Whenever possible, I study non-model organisms with (to me!) fascinating natural histories, many of which have or soon will have various genomic resources at hand. 

I strongly believe in the value of integrating across disciplines in scientific discovery, and in the numerous benefits of collaboration. 


The Abbot Lab Interests

Integrative biology         Genetics    *    Behavior    *    Ecology

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Latest news

  1. Sept 12, 2014 - Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Lawson!!!

  2. Fall 2014 - Welcome Stephanie & Stephen!

  3. Winter 2014 - Just heard that our former labmate from Stratford High School, Andrew Corlew (“Lil’ Andrew”) won an award based on work he did with us last summer! Way to go Andrew!

  4. Winter 2014 - Jibril Hirbo, our new postdoc, joins the lab!

  5. Fall 2013 - PA was honored to have received the Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching