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Kitchen Table Series

Kitchen Table Series

The Kitchen Table Series invites students across campus to pull up a chair and discuss
sizzling gender-related topics.  Snacks and sass generously served.

The Kitchen Table Series is a student-designed program intended to reach across campus to highlight current gender issues and how they impact different communities. This program came to fruition because students wanted the space to talk about important issues in an informal and relaxed space. By partnering with diverse groups and student organizations on campus, The Kitchen Table Series, will allow students the space they seek to converse about issues that matter to them.  For more information, please contact KTS Interns Agbo Ikor and Danny Lee.

Kitchen Table Series events for the Spring 2015 semester:

Wednesday, January 28th:  Catcalling: Smile! It’s a Compliment

Wednesday, February 25th:  Too Pretty for President:  Why are there so few women in politics?

Wednesday, April 1st:  Orange is the New Black:  the incarcerated woman

*All KTS events will be in Sarratt 325/327 at 5 PM


Kitchen Table Series topics from the 2013-2014 academic year include:

  • Run the World: Girls in the Music Industry
  • Masculinity and Healthcare
  • Sex, Money, and Sex for Money
  • Trans* @VU

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