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Tower IV

Carmichael Towers West is a fourteen-floor, air-conditioned residence hall complex which opened in 1970. Towers West is comprised of two separate high-rise buildings, Tower III and Tower IV. The lower two floors of each tower contain study areas, lounges, recreation rooms, a 24-hour information desk and meeting rooms. The complex has a laundry facility and a Food Court conveniently located on the first floor.

Residents live on floors 3-14 in Towers III and IV. The coed residential floors are built in the shape of a square and are composed of four suites per floor, each housing six residents of the same gender. The suites contain two single bedrooms (rooms B&D), two doubles (rooms C&E), a private bathroom, a large storage closet and a kitchen\common lounge area. In the common area, there is one love seat, one lounge chair, a dining table with four chairs, one coffee table, two end tables, and complete kitchen facilities (refrigerator, sink, cabinets, stove and oven). Carmichael Towers West houses 576 upperclass men and women in suites. Every second floor has a resident adviser.

The Carmichael Towers are named for Oliver Cromwell Carmichael, who was Vanderbilt’s third Chancellor.

Room Dimensions:
Bedroom B (single): 8 1/2 X 12 1 window
Bedroom C (double): 15 1/2 X 12 1 window
Bedroom D (single): 9 x 12 1 window
Bedroom E (double): 18 x 12 2 windows
Living Room 11 x 12 1 window
Windows= 50″ x 53″
Amenities include:
Commodore Card access to the building
Central Air-conditioning
Free University cable television service
Free University telephone service (local calls only)
Laundry Facility
Free direct connection to campus network (ResNet)
24-hour information desk
Formal Lounge
Carpeted corridors
Custodial service in suite baths and corridors
Food Court
Furnishings include:
Bunkable bed (in suite double rooms)
Desk for each resident
Desk chair for each resident
Dresser for each resident
Bookshelf for each resident
Window blinds
Dining Table and Chairs
Kitchen Facilities include:

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