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Job Expectations of the Resident Adviser

All Resident Advisers are expected to:

As an agent of the Office of Housing and Residential Education (OHARE)

  • Attend mandatory training:
    • HR Training – Mid-August (Date TBD)
    • Pre-Employment Module – March-April (Dates TBD)
    • Hiring Paperwork Day–April (Dates TBD)
    • New RA Training – Mid-August (Date TBD)
    • Returning RA Training – Mid-August (Date TBD)
  • Participate in assigned staff development and training sessions during the course of the semester.
  • Understand, explain, follow and enforce all University and housing office policies and regulations.
  • Plan and facilitate programming requirements of the department.
  • Read and possess an understanding of all printed material directly affecting the operation of the housing office.
  • Endeavor to involve residents in programs developed for them by the department.
  • Support other staff members of the Office of Housing and Residential Education.

As a member of their Residential Area Staff

  • Meet area’s specific goals and objectives.
  • Be on call, perform duty rounds during the week and weekend.
  • Attend and participate in all team meetings and in-services.
  • Address all facility problems that might arise by reporting them in the prescribed manner.
  • Complete staff reports and assignments as directed.
  • Complete necessary room and Health and Safety inspections, prior to the beginning/end of the academic year and during break periods, by returning prior to opening and remaining in the hall after closing.
  • Be available and able to perform and direct emergency procedures.
  • Properly inform your HR and AC before leaving town.
  • Maintain regular contact with your HR and AC.
  • Disseminate administrative notices and announcements.
  • Demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude toward others and endeavor to be understanding of others whose lifestyles and behavior may vary from your own.
  • Follow all university employment regulations. Undergraduates are only allowed to work 20 hours per week and graduate and professional students can work 29. The RA position requires 15 hours and the HR position 20 hours.

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