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McTyeire EntranceThe McTyeire International House Program promotes the use of foreign languages and the awareness of different cultures through close involvement with faculty and native speakers who serve as coordinators for the individual language groups.

Located on the central campus, McTyeire offers easy access to classroom and dining facilities. It houses 97 residents in single rooms. Residents live on the first and second floors. One Resident Adviser/Head Resident lives on the first floor and two live on the second floor.

McTyeire, built in 1940 in collegiate gothic style, was Vanderbilt’s first dormitory for women. A complete renovation in 1992/1993 includes a tower entrance, a language library, and an expanded dining area. In 1997, McTyeire Hall earned a Metro Historical Commission top Architectural Award in the educational and institutional category.

McTyeire Hall is named for Methodist Bishop Holland N. McTyeire, first president of the Board of Trust.

Amenities include:
Information desk
Dining Room for McTyeire residents
Commodore Card access to building
Central air conditioning
Free University cable television service
Free direct connection to campus network (ResNet)
Free University telephone service (local calls only)
Common area bath facilities
Fireplace Lounge
Television Lounge
Common kitchen facility with oven, stove, microwave,
dishwasher and refrigerator
Carpeted corridors
Custodial service in common areas, bathrooms and corridors
Seminar Room
Furnishings include:
Bunkable bed
Desk Chair
Window Blinds

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