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Mayfield Place is the site for the Mayfield Living Learning Lodge Program. It sits on the southern fringe of the Lewis/Morgan courtyard. The semi-circle shaped complex is located near the Student Recreation Center and most althletic facilites.

Mayfield offers a unique living arrangement designed for 200 undergraduates living in 20 lodges with 10 residents each. Each two-story lodge has 10 single bedrooms, a common area, two baths, a microwave, a 21 inch stove, a sink, and a full-size refrigerator. All are fully carpeted and air-conditioned. There are five bedrooms and one bath on each floor, and the floors are connected by a wooden staircase. The living room area is 12′ x 16′ and the kitchen is 4′ x 16′. The dimensions of the bedrooms are 8′ x 12′.

A 24 hour information desk is available in nearby Lewis House.

Mayfield Place was built in 1977 and named for Dr. George Mayfield.

Amenities include:
Vertical blinds
Storage closet for food
Central air-conditioning
Free university cable television service
Free university telephone service (local calls only)
Free direct connection to campus network (ResNet)
Custodial service in common area baths and corridors
Kitchen cabinets and formica countertops
Full-size refrigerator
Common Area: Fully Carpeted
Two lounge chairs
One coffee table
One dining table and four chairs
Individual Rooms: Fully Carpeted
Built in clothes closet

Interior Photos