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In the Mood for Food

Advisor: Dr. Cecelia Tichi

Project Description:

Members of In the Mood for Food will seek to further their understanding of how food and eating affect students’ lives culturally, psychologically, and socially.  The students will take an immersive approach to exploring the way food is related to and intertwined within students’ lives and investigate how food and the social activities associated with eating affect the individual.  The members of this VIP group will examine the social aspects of eating while exploring a variety of food categories such as vegetarianism, eating on a budget, and various dietary restrictions.  Each month, the group will spotlight one theme and, over dinner, lead a discussion related to articles, other media sources, and personal experiences relating to that month’s theme.

In The Mood For Food Blog

Individual Reflection Video (September 2010):

Tara Ramaswamy