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Bust A Myth

Advisor: Dr. Frank Dobson

Project Description:

How extensive is the tunnel network under Stevenson? Is there really a lab on campus that performs experiments with monkeys? Is a roommate’s death an easy ticket to straight A’s? Bust A Myth will dig up answers to these questions and many more. The group will examine the myths, legends, and hidden history of Vanderbilt University. In the process, we will help forge a stronger community by educating ourselves and others about a bond that unites every Vanderbilt student, professor, and administrator. Over the course of the year, project members will create a series of video segments describing each myth and uncovering the truth behind it. At the conclusion of the project, the segments will be united into a single film that will be available to all members of the Vanderbilt community.

Individual Reflection Video (August 2010):

Megan Coffin