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The Forum


Neil Butt
Communication Studies

Project Description

Our Mayfield is based on the idea we should be challenging ourselves intellectually through informed discussion. We are going to spend our time developing interpersonal skills and discussing current events; we hope to be more involved and informed of the world outside of Vanderbilt. The purpose of this project is to draw attention to real world issues; we so often focus on the trivialities of college life, like fraternity parties and the latest gossip. We fail to see the important things going on in our world — economics, politics, and ethical issues — and how they shape our present and future. We want to open up the floor for discussion on the controversial, the uncomfortable, and the personal. We want to be a family where anything can be discussed and debated. Conversation should be stimulating and alert us to new possibilities; we want to bring back the intelligent conversation as a leisure activity. We’re here at Vanderbilt to expand our worldview and learn about the people in it. We want to truly be involved with the world and have a new kind of relationship with it.



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