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Nashville ReVU: Dot Com



Paul Lim
Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity, Divinity School
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Affiliated Faculty, Department of History

Project Description

In the past year, Mayfield 4 generated over a hundred of restaurant reviews and columns of student advice. This is a project in itself, and we consider it a success. Our Mayfield does not want this work to go to waste. After putting hours upon hours in to creating these formatted pieces of help, we hope that other members of the student body will be able to benefit from what we have done. In order to do this, we plan to further the usability and content of our website- thenashvillerevu.com, which has been partially running for over six months. In the simplest of terms, we will complete the uploading of all of our documents onto the website. This will give it its most central function. After this, we have two more goals. The first milestone will be refining our website so it is categorized and easily searchable. We will then begin the promotion of our website. We hope that it will gain some basic recognition amongst our peers as a trustworthy and useful enterprise.


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