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G.E.M.S.: Girls Encouraged to Master Science








Jennifer Ufnar
Associate Director, Center for Science Outreach
Research Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Center for Science Outreach


Project Description

G.E.M.S will tutor middle school-aged girls in science in a way that corresponds with how girls best learn as well as tackle the societal misconception that girls are not meant to be in the sciences. In order to achieve our goal, we will work with middle school-aged girls because it is around age thirteen when the gender gap in academic success in the sciences starts to emerge.  We plan to address this gap by giving presentations to the girls about successful women in science, as well as tutoring the girls in a way that fits with their cognitive tendencies. After each tutoring session, every Mayfield member will be required to fill out a tutor report, which will help us keep track of how effective our tutoring is and what improvements can be made to our methods.


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