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Silverline Studios









Gerald Roth
Associate Professor of the Practice
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Project Description

The primary premise of this project is to influence others to think about the media that they encounter on a daily basis not as passive entertainment but as a form of intellectual art.  The Mayfield program offers us a unique environment in which we have the capacity be more effective in communicating our ideas and beliefs to others and develop a deeper, personal understanding of the revolutionizing nature of the art we are promoting. In order to utilize these opportunities to the fullest extent, and to accomplish our set goals, the project will consist of three focuses: 1) holding public discussions to encourage new perspectives on electronic media, 2) running a website that encourages each project member to explore what art means in terms of movies, television, and games, and 3) developing our own video game(s) as an accumulation of everything the team has learned throughout the project.

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