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Cultural Awareness & Immersive Learning Through the Holidays



Gavin Smith
Assistant Director of Bands

Project Description

The Cultural Awareness and Immersive Learning Through Holidays Project, or The Holidays Project, is a dynamic Mayfield Living and Learning Lodge with a mission to promote and explore diverse cultures by actively participating in holiday celebrations, festivals, and cultural traditions on Vanderbilt’s campus and in Nashville. Our lodge is composed of ten diverse students, all representing various places, ethnicities, and cultures throughout America and around the globe, each bringing our unique perspectives and traditions to the experience. Each month, the lodge will participate in two holiday celebrations and actively discuss, analyze, and compare our experiences. By the end of our project, we will have effectively gained an understanding for the cultures behind each holiday and will provide a publication of numerous holiday activities and celebrations for Vanderbilt students to participate in on Vanderbilt’s campus and around Nashville.



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