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Listening to the Sounds of “Music City”









James V. Maiello
Senior Lecturer
Blair School of Music

Project Description

As a lodge, we seek to explore the musical dimensions of Nashville, “Music City,” in order to gain a better understanding of what Nashville means in terms of the larger musical culture of the United States. Throughout the year, we intend to research various music venues in Nashville, as well as attend multiple shows, in order to gain an appreciation for the entertainment options around the city. We will seek out different types of shows and concerts in an effort to understand the diverse range of musical choices available to the local population. After attending each show and visiting each venue, we intend to write a review not only of the quality of concert, but of how well it was publicized, how easy it was to get tickets, etc. In doing this, we hope to break down the widely held view that Nashville is a city mainly for country music and little else. In tandem with this, we hope to also research the history behind how Nashville came to be the “Country Music Capitol of the World,” as well as the “Third Coast” in terms of cultural and entertainment capital in the United States.