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Dores for Dogs


Jo Anne Bachorowski
Associate Professor
Director of Clinical Training
Psychology Depratment

By performing in-depth, community-based research on the state of local shelters, the community’s awareness on shelter issues, and observing the effect of dogs on people, we will form a hybrid, uniquely robust view of the state of dogs in our society today. This research will act as a stepping-stone to the rest of our initiative. We are taking a two-step approach, a type of “become informed, then inform others” approach. The majority of our research will take place in the first semester, so that we may devote most of the second semester to an action plan that will encompass our learning and bring it to the community. Upon its completion, our project should end up doing more than simply assisting shelter dogs. Though we certainly have that end in mind, this undertaking will teach us more about our personalities, research, and teamwork.