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Completing the Spectrum: Gender and Sexuality









James Lovensheimer
Assistant Professor
Blair School of Music

Project Description

We seek to reach out to those students who may know what they should stand for but not how to say it. We want to teach student leaders how to make their organizations safe and accepting environments for all students. Most of all, we want to show students how to speak up for what they believe in with their own voices. We will be safe-zone trained and additionally will undergo “Safe Zone Facilitator” training so that we will all be equipped to lead Safe Zone workshops. We will use our training to hold workshops with leaders and members of student organizations to promote tolerance on campus. Partnering with student leaders will give us the opportunity to reach out to students with a variety of backgrounds and interests, many of whom would otherwise not receive exposure to discussions on LGBTQI issues, such as stereotyping, being an ally, gender binaries, the Kinsey scale, and self-identity.