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A New VU: Religion and the Inner-self

Faculty Advisor

Gregory Barz
Associate Prof. of Musicology (Ethnomusicology)
Associate Prof. of Anthropology (A&S)
Associate Prof. of Music and Religion (Divinity)
Blair School of Music

Project Description

A New VU: Religion and the Inner-self strives for intellectual awareness in the fields of religion and spirituality as we seek to broaden our understanding of our own character and humanity.  We will do this by studying and practicing various Eastern religions throughout the year through various mediums. We will focus on one religion per month. The first three weeks of a month will be designated towards rigorously learning about the religion of focus. We will go about becoming familiar with these religions by using library resources, books, the web, and using the expertise of our faculty advisor, Dr. Barz.  Additionally, we will visit several temples and mosques in and around Nashville. Once we have learned about a religion, we will hold monthly information sessions that will be open to anyone in the community. In these seminars, we will share our knowledge of the ideologies and moral code of the religion as well as share our experiences while living the religion.