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Creative Campus Residential Fellows

Community Description:

Creative Campus Residential Fellows

Creative Campus Residential Fellows (CCRF) is designed to connect students across academic disciplines and interests, and to encourage ongoing participation and engagement in artistic and cultural programs and initiatives.  Housed in Vanderbilt-Barnard, Creative Campus Residential Fellows are expected to participate fully in a yearlong, explorative learning experience. Fellows gain exposure to the Nashville community through activities such as attending performances at TPAC or visiting Cheekwood. Fellows also have the opportunity for leadership experience by being a member of the executive council. Additionally, Fellows explore ways to engage and serve the community at Vanderbilt and beyond by planning and executing creatively-themed service projects.  For questions, contact Dwayne Elliott (Director of the Office of Arts and Campus Events) at dwayne.v.elliott@vanderbilt.edu or Maryann Rainey(Graduate Assistant) at  maryann.a.rainey@vanderbilt.edu.

For more information, check out http://www.vanderbilt.edu/ccrf/


To embed and support creative expression through artistic and cultural programs that enhance the student experience, encourage student-faculty interaction, establish a spirit of creativity at the university, and cultivate service between students, faculty and the Nashville community.

Program Goals:

The purpose of Creative Campus Residential Fellows is to integrate art, media, design and
creative expression into life at Vanderbilt and contribute to a culture where students, faculty and staff interact to build synergy in the arts across disciplines. This living learning program will provide students a unique context in which to build their creative potential, develop leadership skills, and exercise their expressive voice. Students can surround themselves with innovative thinkers and leave a legacy through creative enterprise. Participants will have an opportunity to build relationships with key community and campus leaders in the visual, literary, media, design, music, film, and performing art organizations through projects, artist-in-residence programs, field trips, and guest speakers.  Participants are expected to:
• Be open to new experiences and engagement with diverse groups.
• Explore creative enterprise and public leadership in the arts.
• Explore ways to use creativity and the arts as a means of serving the community.
• Become collaborators in an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchange.

CCRF Executive Council:

Application Process

Applications for the 2014-2015 year will be available online and in the main housing office (Brandscomb 4113) starting November 15, 2013. Completed applications will be due February 7, 2014 and paper applications are to be turned into the main housing office. After submitting a completed application, applicants will select a 20-minute interview (days & times to be determined); decisions will be made based on written materials and interviews. Please contact Maryann Rainey (Graduate Assistant, Office of Arts & Campus Events) at  maryann.a.rainey@vanderbilt.edu with any questions about the application process.

Staff Contact Information:

Program Director – Dwayne Elliott dwayne.v.elliott@vanderbilt.edu

Graduate Assistant – Maryann Rainey maryann.a.rainey@vanderbilt.edu