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Ryan McKenney

Ryan McKenney
Class of 2015
History and Political Science
The Commons


Why did you apply to be an RA?

I applied to become an RA because I had a wonderful RA freshman year and his name was Trevor Gellar. He introduced me to so many different sides of Vanderbilt and I give him so much credit as I wouldn’t be as involved or happy at this school without his mentorship, guidance and, most importantly, friendship. I wanted to make a similar difference in the lives of my residents, to program with campus partners, and to be a leader on the Commons and the campus.

How has being an RA changed your experience at Vanderbilt?

Being a resident advisor and now an HR has vastly changed my Vanderbilt experience for the better. I have met so many amazing students, professors, and administrators, not to mention countless community leaders and philanthropist strictly through my role as an RA. I love being able to mentor residents and then have them become some of your best friends. I love making connections with faculty members when programming for house events, and I love seeing residents old and new around campus and having them say to their friends–”that’s my RA/HR.” The job gives me so much fulfillment on a variety of levels and I couldn’t be happier to be employed by Residential Education at Vanderbilt.

Why do you think others should apply to be an RA?

I cannot endorse the RA position enough. Being an RA opens so many doors socially and professionally and allows for growth in every level of a college student’s life. I am so happy to be an RA and recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their friend and social base, feel fulfilled as a mentor, and fully understand what it is like to work on a team of students dedicated to making their university better not only for themselves, but for all Vanderbilt students.