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Alex Goodman

Alex Goodman
Class of 2015
Mechanical Engineering
Carmichael Towers


Why did you apply to be an RA?

I applied to be an RA towards the beginning of Spring semester freshman year because I felt I hadn’t really made an impact on the Vanderbilt community around me and I wanted to change things. I heard about the RA recruiting program from a friend and decided to apply for the opportunity to gain a new experience working with my peers.

How has being an RA changed your experience at Vanderbilt?

I believe being an RA has made me far more in tune with the issues and positive aspects of Vanderbilt life, and a more active member in the community. I also believe I have developed a greater sense of responsibility and care for my surroundings having worked as an RA.

What are the best things about working in your area of campus?

Towers offers a unique set of positive qualities as an area. First, our large amount of residents allows us to plan for larger events, such as our Fall Festival, and also allows each RA to interact with a larger group of residents. I have also built a great relationship with my Area Coordinator.  I appreciate that he gets to know each RA on a personal level.

Why do you think others should apply to be an RA?

To me, applying to be an RA is a no brainer if you want to get more involved on campus and make a difference for your fellow students.  Be honest about the amount of time you can commit though.