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Aaron Suggs

Aaron Suggs
Class of 2015
Neuroscience Major
Branscomb Hall


Why did you apply to be an RA?

I applied to be an RA due to my close relationship with my RA on commons my freshman year. I grew as a person and learned a lot about myself through my friendship with my RA, so I wanted to give someone else that same opportunity by becoming an RA.

How has being an RA changed your experience at Vanderbilt?

Being an RA has changed my experience at Vanderbilt by allowing me to build new relationships with people where as I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. The role of an RA is one that allows me to enjoy developing my personal skills, while also developing leadership skills. Even as an RA on main campus, I still socialize with my residents and get to know them just as well as Commons RA’s.

What are the best things about working in your area of campus?

The residents in Branscomb are always sociable, outgoing, and fun to be around. The proximity to everything on campus is extremely convenient as well.

Why do you think others should apply to be an RA?

Being an RA allows you as a student to grow as a leader and as an individual. The skills learned working as an RA will translate into any other organization you choose to be a part of on campus, as well as travel with you beyond your time at Vanderbilt.