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concert choir

Choir Officers & Staff

Choir Staff

Director: David B. Williams
Campus Box 53-B
Office location is Room 3157, Blair School of Music
Office phone is 322-4647 (on campus, dial C-H-O-I-R)

Accompanist: Robbie Jones
Campus Box c/o 53-B

Band and Choir Secretary: Cindi Gallagher
Campus Box c/o 53-B Campus phone 343-2263

Choir Officers

Ian Sayler

Meg TouVelle

Jonathan Berger

Kevin Zeillmann

Social Co-Chairs
Lauren Hinkle and Nick Augspurger

Publicity Co-Chairs
Jess Nylen and Patrick McAlexander

Alumni Historians
Emmie Arnold and Paige Baker

Robe Co-Chairs
Mark Lipnickey and Ames Sanders

Staging & Technical Director
Connor Lehr