Global Education and Study-Abroad Initiative

In collaboration with the African American and Diaspora Studies Department and the Council on International Exchange, this program is primarily centered on cultivating study-abroad opportunities for students, the development of an explicit applied-ethics dimension in AADS theses and projects, and potential faculty collaborations through opportunities such as The Center for Applied Ethics (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa) and an international symposium on "Tolerance and Intolerance."


Vanderbilt Visions Topics and Approaches Project

With Vanderbilt Visions faculty and staff, designing a series of filmed vignettes based on real-life stories submitted by students about challenging experiences and dilemmas they have faced in the transition to college. For use in Vanderbilt Visions group discussions.

During the fall and spring of 2007-08 the Center and Vanderbilt Visions planned the short film, "You and Your Aging Parents," which is now available for use in the Vanderbilt Vision seminars. The film was conceived by Kathryn Baker, Ellie Durham, Brian Rodenbeck, Emilie Strom, and Sean Tierney. It was written and produced by Stacy Greenberg with Kara Fein. Professor Will Akers was the film's executive producer.


The Achievement Gap Program

The Center is currently supporting the Summer Scholar Identity Institute that takes place in association with the Vanderbilt Achievement Gap Project. This institute addresses Black male underachievement at the local level. It aims to prepare one hundred Black males to challenge themselves academically, psychologically and emotionally to be high-achieving students who are able to overcome and cope with peer pressures and other distractions that get in the way of their learning. Presentations, readings, discussions, and activities help students to enhance their problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, social skills, soft skills, and conflict resolution skills. The program is based on the research of Donna Ford and Gilman Whiting, who are the key faculty in this program.


Ethics 105 TAs

The Center sponsors additional TAs for Professor John Lachs' Introduction to Ethics course, offered in the department of Philosophy. The TAs that the Center sponsors come from disciplines and schools other than philosophy and Arts and Science. The objective is to increase the exposure of graduate students from other disciplines to the history and teaching of philosophical ethics and to further increase the exposure of students in Ethics 105 to specific areas of ethical interest, such as ethics in religion, law, medicine, and business.


Dissertation Seminars

Each semester, the Center for Ethics sponsors two or more multi-disciplinary groups of “Dissertation Fellows,” dissertation-stage graduate students whose work has an ethical focus, and who read, comment on, meet regularly, and discuss their work. Two dissertation seminars took place during the summer of 2008.  Three are meeting during the fall.


Ethics and Economics: Capitalism and its Transformation

Led by Forrest Perry (Center for Ethics). This group will meet throughout the semester to discuss issues that are ethical and economic: the nature of capital and profit-making, the global North and the global South, alternatives to capitalism, etc. Participants come from a variety of disciplines and schools at Vanderbilt.


May Seminars

May Seminars for advanced graduate students involved with teaching.


New to the website

As of September 2008, information about environmental ethics is available on our website.