College of Arts & Science
Blair School of Music
Divinity School
School of Engineering
Law School
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
Owen Graduate School of Managment
Peabody College of Education and Human Development

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College of Arts and Science

African American and Diaspora Studies

110.  Race Matters.
201.  African American Family History
210.  Black Masculinity:  Social Imagery and Public Policy
215.  Black Issues in Education

American and Southern Studies

104.  Men and Women in American Society
226.  Gender, Race, and Class


206.  Theories of Culture and Human Nature.
207.  Energy, Environment, and Culture
224.  Political Anthropology:  Crosscultural Studies in Conflict and Power
233.  Culture, Ecology, and International Development
237.  Ethnicity, Race, and Culture
260.  Medicine, Culture, and the Body
264.  Human Nature and Natural Law:  Perspectives from Science and Religion
265.  Gender and Cultural Politics
267.  Life, Death, and the Human Body
322.  Culture, Structure, Personality

Biological Sciences

105.  Human Biology 
273.  Molecular Mechanisms of Environmental Toxins
275A:  SEM:  Molecular Genetics:  Stem Cells and Human Genetic Disease Therapy

Communication Studies

210.  Rhetoric and Civic Life
224.  Rhetoric of Social Movements
235.  Communicating Gender
240.  The Freedom of Speech
242.  Communication, Culture, and Consciousness

Comparative Literature

278.  Colonial and Post-colonial Literature
340.  Beyond Good and Evil

Earth and Environmental Science

100.  Environmental Geology
108.  Earth and the Atmosphere
205.  Science, Risk, and Policy


210.  Labor Economics
246.  Unions, Management, and Public Policy
251.  Wages, Employment, and Labor Markets
256.  Seminar in Macroeconomic Policy
257.  Seminar in Microeconomic Policy
267.  Economics of Poverty and Discrimination
358a-358b.  Policy Issues in Developing Economies


244.  Critical Theory
245.  Feminist Theory
278.  Colonial and Post-colonial Literature
330.  Seminar in the Enlightenment and Its Literary Connections

French and Italian

255.  French Feminist Thought:  Literary and Critical
256.  Contemporary French Philosophical Thought

Germanic and Slavic Languages

241.  The Racial Imagination
243.  The Aesthetics of Violence:  Terror, Crime, and Dread in German Lit
273.  Nazi Cinema:  The Manipulation of Mass Culture
335.  Enlightenment and Its Literary Connection
340.  Beyond Good and Evil

231.  Jews in Russian Culture:  Survival and Identity
232.  The Evil Empire:  Stalin’s Russia


184.  Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
187.  Pornography and Prostitution in History
221.  Sexuality and Gender in the Western Tradition to 1700
222.  Sexuality and Gender in the Western Tradition since 1700
284.  American Social History to 1865
285.  American Social History since 1865
286.  Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Early American Culture, 1600-1865
287.  Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Early American Culture, 1865-Present
360.  Studies in Imperialism

Jewish Studies

121.  Jews Among the Nations.
155.  Sociology of Contemporary Jewish Life
250.  The Problem of Evil in Judiasm
255.  Zionism and Its Critics
279.  Contemporary Jewish Issues


105.  Introduction to Ethics
210.  Ancient Philosophy
248.  Philosophy and Literature
252.  Political and Social Philosophy
254.  Modern Philosophies of Law
270.  Ethics and Medicine
271.  Ethics and Business
272.  Ethics and Law
247.  Kierkegaard and Nietzsche
235.  Feminist Philosophy
224.  Existential Philosophy
240.  Aesthetics
310-342.  Various Seminar in Philosophy.  (Depending on Content)

Physics and Astronomy

115F.  Bogus Science

Political Science

103.  Introduction to Political Theory
201.  Contemporary Political Theory
202.  History of Classical Political Philosophy
203.  Modern Political Philosophy
204.  American Political Thought
205.  Modern Political Ideologies
206.  Foundations of Marxism
207.  Liberalism and Its Critics
208.  Law, Politics, and Justice
209.  Issues in Political Theory
213.  Democratization and Political Development
220.  Crisis Diplomacy
221.  Causes of War
222.  American Foreign Policy
224.  Theories of World Politics
225.  International Political Economy
226.  International Law and Organization
227.  Economics and Foreign Policy
233.  Social Movements in the Developed and Developing Worlds
234.  Women, Politics, and the Development of the Third World
236.  The Politics of Global Inequality
246.  Religion and Politics in the United States
247.  American Political Culture
253.  Ethics and Public Policy
255.  Public Policy Problems
300-331.  Various Seminars in Political Science (Depending on Content)


206.  Experimental Design
231.  Social Psychology
252.  Human Sexuality
268.  Health Psychology
285.  Special Topics:  Neuroethics

Religious Studies

204.  Protestant Conservatism and the Culture Wars
213.  Ethics of the New Testament
219.  Martin Luther King Jr., and the Social Roles of Religion
222.  Jewish Ethics
223.  Ethics and Feminism
228.  Antisemitism and Jewish Identity
229.  The Holocaust:  Its Meaning and Implications
230.  Women and Religion


102.  Contemporary Social Problems
103.  Social Organization and Inequality
104.  Men and Women in American Society
203.  Perspectives on Women in the World
204.  Self, Society, and Social Change
226.  Gender, Race, and Class
230.  The Family
231.  Criminology
232.  Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
233.  Deviant Behavior and Social Control
234.  Prison Life
236.  Class, Status, and Power
239.  Women, Gender, and Globalization
240.  Law and Society
244.  Politics, State, and Society
249.  American Social Movements
250.  Gender in Society
251.  Women and Public Policy in America
254.  Schools and Society:  The Sociology of Education
255.  Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the US
256.  Race, Gender, and Sport
257.  Gender, Sexuality, and the Body
261.  Work and Family in American Life
267.  Seminar on Gender and Violence
268.  Race, Gender, and Health
272.  Gender Identities, Interactions, and Relationships
301-390b.  Various Seminars in Sociology (Depending on Content)

Women’s and Gender Studies

150.  Sex and Gender in Everyday Life.
201.  Perspectives on Women in the World 
210.  Introduction to Feminisms
212.  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
226.  Gender, Race, and Class
264.  Sex, Power, and Politics
265.  Cultural Politics of Reproduction
267.  Seminar on Gender and Violence
268.  Gender, Race, Justice, and the Environment

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Blair School of Music

185.  Ethics and Music
184.  Love and Death in Musics
200.  Women and Music
201.  Music, Gender, and Sexuality
260.  Music, Identity, and Diversity

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Divinity School

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School of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

201.  Biomedical Engineering Ethics

Computer Science

151.  Computers and Ethics

Engineering Science

152.  Impact of Our Nation’s Space Program on Society
157.  Technology and the Environment
159.  Engineering Failure:  The Dark Side of Technology

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Law School

899.  Bioethics and the Law  
923.  Child Welfare Seminar: Law and Policy
968.  Ethics and Public Policy Seminar
774.  Health Policy  
946.  Law and Poverty Seminar
965.  Law, Biology and Human Behavior Seminar
853.  Methods and Ethics of Information Gathering
847.  Philosophy of Law
793.  Professional and Ethical Considerations in Corporate Practice
798.  Professional Responsibility       
947.  Public Choice and Public Law Seminar
915.  Race and Public Policy in American Seminar
951.  Advanced Topics in Race, Gender and Representation in the Political Process
814.  Social Choice, Fairness and the Law

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School of Medicine

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Nursing School

N215.  Foundations of Professional Nursing I
N216.  Professional Nursing Seminar
N225.  Population-Based Health Care
N226.  Health Care Systems:  Micro Issues
N246.  Integration of Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of Nursing I
N247a.  Integration of Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of Nursing II

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Owen Graduate School of Management

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Peabody College

Human and Organizational Development (Peabody College)

1800.  Public Policy
2240.  Multicultural Issues in Contemporary Society
2280.  Ethics for Human Development Professionals

International Leadership and Development (Peabody)

2400.  Global Dimensions of Community Development
2410.  Leadership and Change in International Organizations
2420.  International Organizations and Economic Development
2430.  Education and Economic Development
2480.  International Leadership and Development Seminar
2490.  Special Topic in International Leadership and Development

Health and Human Services (Peabody)

2535.  Health Policy
2536.  Special Topics in Health and Human Services

Community Leadership and Development  (Peabody)

2600.  Community Development Theory
2610.  Community Development Organizations and Policies
2665.  High Poverty Youth:  Improving Outcomes
2670.  Introduction to Community Psychology
2680.  Community Leadership and Development Seminar
2690.  Special Topics in Community Leadership and Development

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (Peabody)

2700.  Leadership Theory and Practice
2710.  Challenges of Leadership
2720.  Advanced Organizational Theory.
2770.  Executive Leadership

Public Policy (Peabody)

2800.  Policy Analysis Methods
2810.  Politics of Public Policy
2830.  Reforming America’s School
2880.  Seminars in Public Policy
2890.  Special Topic in Public Policy

Psychology and Human Development (Peabody)

2230.  Family, Career, and Gender
2610.  Ethical and Moral Development
2890.  Ethics for Human Development Professionals

Special Education (Peabody)

2060.  Cultural Diversity in American Education
2300.  Introduction to Students with Severe Disabilities
2330.  Procedures for Students with Multiple Disabilities
2350.  Advanced Procedures for Students with Severe Disabilities

Education (Peabody)

1020.  Society, the School, and the Teacher

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