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Maria Lynn Ashby, DA

Laboratory Manager

Department of Otolaryngology

Otology Research 


Curriculum Vitae


Office: 10450E Medical Center East, South Tower
Email: maria.ashby@vanderbilt.edu
Phone: (615) 936-2493
Fax: (615) 936-5515


Vanderbilt University Medical Center
7209 Medical Center East, South Tower
1215 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232-8605

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
10450E Medical Center East, South Tower
1215 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232-8605

Biographical Information:

Born in California and remained until 2006.
Lived in Pittsburgh, PA 2006-2007.
Lived in Nashville, TN since 2007.

D.A., Music Education, Barkley University, 2014. B.S., Business Administration Program, University of Redlands, 1989.  A.A., Music, Riverside Community College, 1988. Notary Public, State of Tennessee since 2007. 

At Vanderbilt University since January, 2008.

Founder/General Manager and Assistant Director of the Nashville Community Choir; and Member of the Vanderbilt Community Chorus and South Cheatham Choral Society.

Four children: Erich, Rebecca, Joseph, Jessica.
Nine grandchildren: Noel, Hyrum, Christian, Israel, Christopher, Joseph, Elizabeth, Sarah, Daisy.

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The Otology Group at Vanderbilt

The Otology Group was founded in 1974 by Michael E. Glasscock III, M.D. C. Gary Jackson, M.D. joined the group in 1978. In the 30-year history of The Otology Group it became one of the world’s acknowledged centers of excellence for treatment of ear disorders. Dr. Glasscock retired in 1998 and Dr. Jackson in 2008. The tradition continues with the merger with Vanderbilt in 2004, with Dr. David Haynes as Division Chief.