What are other remedies for food poisoning besides medical care?

Most food poisoning does not require medical care and the best treatment is by eating bland foods and liquids containing electrolytes. Another remedy, utilized by the Japanese, is consumption of green tea. A content in green tea, catcchin, has the ability to kill bacteria and is often used to treat diarrhea. "Dr. Hara has a shown in his research that catcchin is a powerful sterilizing agent for many types of bacteria that causes food poisoning"(http://daisan.co.jp/health8.htm). Dr. Hara states that the normal amounts of catcchin consumed by the Japanese can stop the growth of various types of food poisoning, for example, specific strains of botulism and shigella. Also, even high concentrations of catcchin have no adverse effects on the intestinal tract. Although the Japanese doctors have research to prove it, the remedy is by no means accepted. (http://daisan.co.jp/health8.htm)



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