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Use this page to find out more about health and behavior, alternative therapies, dietary supplements, weight loss, eating disorders, body image, behavioral therapies, medications that affect behavior, and more.


The purpose of this page is to bring a scientific perspective to the areas of health behavior, nutrition, psychotherapy, and alternative medicine. Many of the files associated with this page were developed by students as a class project for P115a, Health Psychology and P297 The Psychology of Eating Disorders. The students each defined an area of interest, explored information about this interest on the world wide web, then examined the scientific literature and prepared a summary. Clearly, the student's reviews are not comprehensive and in each case the opinions and conclusions are their own. But in every case, I believe you will find the results interesting and informative.


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The following table is an index to all the papers that are included on the web site. 

Comprehensive Main Menu

Topic Link Author  Date Added
Weight Loss - Is there any Magic? magic  David Schlundt, Ph.D. 12/10/96 
Learn more about alternative medicine holistic David Schlundt, Ph.D. 12/27/96
Obesity in America - How Big a problem? obesity David Schlundt, Ph.D. 12/1/97
Soy Protein: Can it really Prevent Cancer? SoyCancer Suzanne Clark 12/2/97
Pyruvate: The diet supplement of the future? Pyruvate Deana Voulters 12/3/97
Physiology and Psychology of Bulimia bulimia  Courtney E. Sanders  12/10/96 
Olestra - Pass the potato chips? olestra  Jennifer Hackett 12/14/96
Ephedrine - Its effect on weight losss Ephedrine Oliver Jolis 12/16/96
Blue Green Agae Algae Leslie Johnson 12/16/96
Antioxidants - Media hype or wonder drug? Antioxidant Coilleen Reilly 12/16/96
Ginseng - what does it really do? Ginseng Melissa Schweikhart 12/16/96
The joy of soy Soy Meagan McClelland 12/16/96
Essiac - The tea of Life? Essiac Samantha Kidwell 12/17/96
The validity of Essiac as a cure for breast cancer Essiac-2 Georgia Wainger 12/19/96
The real Story behind Oxygen Therapy Oxygen Matthew Galas 12/17/96
Ginseng: An Alternative treatment for Menopausal Symptoms Menopause Paulette Hurteau 12/17/96
Acupuncture as an Alternative Treatment for Stress Acupuncture Mark Rosenthal 12/17/96
Menopause and Natural Progesterone Progesterone Kelly Grimes 12/18/96
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy Tom Hildebrandt 12/18/96
DHEA and the effects of aging DHEA Luke Rainwater 12/18/96
Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Heart Disease Prevention: The Myths and the Truth Omega-3 Lara Dellerson 12/18/96
Yoga Yoga Gena Barker 12/19/96
Acupuncture: A treatment for back pain? Back Pain Kelley Capps 12/19/96
Melatonin: The Myths and the Facts Melatonin Courtney Ratzburg 12/19/96
Does Chromium Picolinate Effectively Aid Weight Loss? Chromium Kelly Campbell 12/19/96
How Much Protein do Athletes Need? Protein Lee Knight Caffery 4/21/97
Trans Fat: What is it and Why Haven't we Heard Anything About it? Transfat Megan Tupa 4/21/97
Sports Drinks: Are they Effective in Improving Athletic Performance? Gatorade James Caldwell 4/21/97
The effects of Fat Intake on Coronary Heart Disease Heart Belinda Buchanan 4/21/97
Phen/fen Phen/fen Tara Eastland 4/22/97
Energy Bars: An Athlete's Friend or Foe? Energy Bars Ana Cintado 4/22/97
The Good, The Bad, and The Vegan Vegan Lauren Perkins 4/22/97
Regulation of Food Intake in Obese People: Is There Any Evidence for An Antiobesity Drug? Eatdrug Meghan Medlock 4/22/97
The Efficacy of High-Protein Diets for Weight Loss HighPro Kristen Weaver 4/22/97
Antioxidant Vitamins and Cancer Antiox Andy Wattula 4/22/97
L-CARNITINE: Powerful endurance enhancer or unnecessary ergonic? L-CARNITINE Hilary Spruytenburg 4/23/97
Weight Loss through Hypnosis Hypnosis Bianca Hitt 4/23/97
Will PPA Take Off All of Your Weight? PPA Lauren Hanisch 4/24/97
Exercise and disease prevention Exercise Kate Lovett 4/23/97
Sugarbusters Sugarbusters Annsley Heidtke 4/24/97
FIBER SUPPLEMENTS: For Weight Loss and the Maintenance of Good Health  Fiber Britt Farwick  4/24/97
Does Creatine Supplementation Really enhance Athletic Performance? Creatine Brett Maurras 4/24/97
Essential Amino Acids as Ergogenic Aids Amino Keith Nichols 4/24/97
Nicotine as a means for Weight Control: Advantage or Disadvantage? Nicotine Carrie Paulus 4/24/97
Redux: A New Weight Loss medication Redux Catherine Faucher 4/24/97
Biotrim: True Weight Loss or Scam?  Biotrim Becky Honeyman 4/25/97
Vitamins: The who, what, where, why and how's Vitamins Lindsay Darrah 4/25/97
The low-down on low carbohydrate diets Low-carb Kathie Hanlon 4/25/97
Adaptogens and the PrimeQuest Program Adaptogens Whitney Spannuth 4/25/97
Entering the Zone diet Zone Heather Dewar 4/25/97
Stomach Stapling: Surgical Treatment for Obesity Staple Melissa Machen 4/25/97
What is the Prevalance of Eating Disorders Among Female Athletes? Athletes Lee Knigh Caffery 4/27/97
Bulimia and Depression  Depression Kate Lovett 4/27/97
EATING DISORDERS AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE  Substance Annsley Heidtke  4/27/97
Bulimia Nervosa and the Effect of Antidepressant Drugs Drugs Brooke Altenau 4/27/97
Anorexia nervosa: Pharmacologic Treatments Pharmacology Andy Wattula 4/27/97
Family Structure in Eating Disorders  Family Whitney Spannuth 4/28/97
Eating disorders: A Feminist issue Feminist Tara Eastland 4/28/97
Psychotherapy for Anorexia Nervosa Therapy Meghan Medlock 4/28/97
Perfectionism and Eating Disorders: Are the two Related? Perfect Carrie Paulus 4/28/97
Whta is the Role of Stress in the Development of Bulimia? Stress Heather Dewar 4/29/97
Bulimic Behaviors Among Wrestlers Wrestle Bret Maurras 4/29/97
Early Onset Anorexia  Early Megan Tupa 4/29/97
What is the Relationship between Low Self-Esteem and Eating Disorders? Self-Esteem Kathie Hanlon 4/29/97
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa CBT Kristen Weaver 4/29/97
The Effects of Pharmacological Treatment on Anorexia nervosa Drugs Belinda Buchanan 4/29/97
Reverse Anorexia in body Builders Buffed Bianca Hitt 4/29/97
Eating Disorders and Gymnastics Gymnast Ana Cintado 4/29/97
What is the Relationship Between Eating Disorders and Female Athletes? Athlete Keith Nichols 4/29/97
Parent's Role in the Development of Eating Disorders: How Important is the Father? Father Becky Honeyman 4/29/97
Correlation Between Anorexia Nervosa and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD Britt Farwick 4/29/97
Cognitive Behavior therapy as a Treatment for body Image Dissatisfaction Body Image Catherine Faucher 4/29/97
The prevalance of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder Prevalance Melissa Machen 4/29/97
STRESS: The Bi-Directional Relationship with Anorexia nervosa Stress Lindsay Darrah 4/29/97
Family Dysfunction and Anorexia: Is there a correlation? Dysfunction Lauren Hanisch 4/29/97
The Culture of  Slenderness Slender Lauren Perkins 4/29/97
Eating Disorders and Personality Disorders: A Study in Comorbidity Personality James Caldwell 4/30/97
Soy Protein: Can it really prevent cancer? Cancersoy Suzanne Clark 12/2/97
Pyruvate: The diet supplement of the future Pyruvate Deanna Voulters 12/3/97
Grab some cabbage and canteloupe after you go jogging Cancerprev Lera Wenger 12/3/97
Amino acid supplements for body-building and exercise aminoacids Phillip Williams 12/3/97
The link between diet and cancer dietcancer Margaret Iverson 12/3/97
Dexfenfluramine (redux) redux Christina Yeonas 12/3/97
Reflexology reflexology Alyson Fant 12/3/97
Chitosan: Revolutionizing weight loss? chitosan Jamie Fritch 12/3/97
Massage Therapy Massage Brenda Rydeen 12/3/97
Phen/fen Phenfen Leslie Elliot  12/3/97
Shaminstic Healing Shamanism Alice Johnson 12/8/97
Rolfing rolfing Phil Ahn 12/8/97
St. John's Wort and Depression St. John Lindsey Franklin 12/8/97
hGH's effects on Aids Wasting Syndrome hGH Ashley Day 12/8/97
Hypnosis and Weight Loss WtHypnosis Lauren Gudritz 12/8/97
All About Shark Cartilage SharkCartilage Luke Proskine 12/8/97
Are Calcium Supplements Necessary? calcium Julie Young 12/8/97
Liquid diets: Safe and Effective? VLCD Elizabeth Hemphill 12/8/97
The Home of Buteyko Buteyko Ryan Osborn 12/8/97
Creatine Monohydrate Creatine Tavarus Hogans 12/8/97
The Aspen Diet Aspen Jennifer Kinsinger 3/13/98
Cellulite Cellulite Jill Rapuzzi 3/13/98
DHEA DHEA Carrie Cannon 3/13/98
To Fast or not to Fast Fasting Susan Thompson 3/13/98
Ginko Bilboa Ginko Amy Brownlee 3/13/98
What is all this Hype about Herbal Weight Loss Products? Herbal Nirvana  Afsordeh 3/13/98
Herbal Phen/fen Herbalphen Rebecca Harbin 3/13/98
Human Growth Hormone's Effects on Normal and hGh Deficient Children hGh Britt Randall 3/13/98
Key into Ketogenic Diets Ketones Anna Temlock 3/13/98
Lechithin Supplements Lechithin Christine Lawhon 3/13/98
Low Fat Diets, Aeorbic Exercise, and Weight Loss: How Does it all Fit? Lowfat Cammy Swafford 3/13/98
The Benefits of Running Running Elizabeth Sadler 3/13/98
Alternative Therapy for Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Miranda Pritt 3/16/98
Vegetarian Diets Vegetarian Sara Swift 3/16/98
Truth or Fiction: Weight loss information on the Internet True kara Headley 3/16/98
Weight Issues in Wrestling Wrestle Mike Viscardi 3/16/98
The comorbidity of anxiety and eating disorders comorbid Kimberly pulse 4/4/99
Acutrim Web Page Acutrim Paige Speni 12/18/99
Anabolic Steroids: Is it worth it? Steroids Alika Moitra 12/18/99

Vanadyl Sulfate: Could it be a wonder drug for the future?

Vanadylsulfate Todd Peterson 12/7/98
Metabolife Metabolife Kristelle Lusby 12/7/98
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day 8Glasses Stacey Schrecengost 12/7/98
Vegetarianism: the pros and cons of a meatless diet Vegetarian Kristin Higgins 12/7/98
What is aromatherapy and where did it come from? Aromatherapy Kristen Leanderson 12/8/98
The skinny on the revolutionary new fat substitute Olestra Sara Graham 12/7/98
Magnetic therapy Magnets Alekh Gupta 12/8/98
Stressing with Yoga Yoga Kit Russell 12/8/98
Echinacea: Cure-all wonder drug? Purpleflower Nate D'Anna 12/8/98
Truth or tail of Androstenedione Andro Stephanie Keiber 12/8/98
Olestra: Wow or Woe wowwoe Katie Watson 12/8/98
Reiki: a bogus new-age fad or a powerful ancient healing therapy? Reiki Sara Holderle 12/8/98
Acupressure and Shiatsu Acupressure Mandy Toth 12/8/98
Food Poisoning Poison Elaine Duff 12/8/98
The benefits of T'ai Chi T'ai Chi Julie Hasel 12/9/98
The Tomatis Method Tomatis Jill Lawton 12/9/98
Do tanning beds cause skin cancer? Tanning Elizabeth Carruth 12/9/98
Fad Dieting Fads Jaralen Andrews 12/8/98
Aromatherapy and stress Reduction Aroma Kristen Leanderson 4/4/99
The relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders abuse Dawn  Myers 4/4/99
Depression and body image depress Alika Moitra 4/4/99
To what extent does childhood sexual abuse impact the etiology of eating disorders? impact Dan Castagna 4/4/99
All "natural" miracle: A study of herbal supplements miracle Dan Castagna 2/4/99
Reducing symptoms in bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder through drug treatment drugs Lee Jones 4/4/99
Bulimia nervosa and long-term outcome outcome Loulie Gillen 4/4/99
Introduction to macrobiotics macrobiotics Anna Kane 2/4/99
Macrobiotics: A way of life? macrolife Loulie Gillen 2/4/99
Magnetic Therapy Magnets Alekh Gupta0 2/4/99
Orlistat Orlistat Lawrence Jones 2/4/99
Do sports that demand intensive training such as figure skating, running, and dance place an unhealthy emphasis on the weight and physical appearance of  athletes? appear Nancy Brown 4/4/99
The relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders abuse Dawn Myers 4/4/99
Do tanning beds cause skin cancer? skin Elizabeth Carruth 2/4/99
The benefits of Tai Chi Taichi Julie Hasel 2/4/99
Thigh cream: Fact or Fiction thigh Jennifer Hamilton 2/4/99
The Living and Raw Foods Diet Raw Nancy Brown 2/4/99
Substance misuse and alcoholism among women with eating disorders alcohol AnnaKane 4/4/99
Vegetarianism: the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet. veggie Kristen Higgens 4/2/99
Vitamin C in the treatment of the common cold cold Dawn Myers 4/2/99
Orlistat: A new option in weight control xenical Michelle Osborn 4/2/99
Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Acupuncture Helen Ly 12/8/99
Protein Power: Met-RX Protein Rebekah Gray 12/9/99
Urine Therapy Urine Jeff Lowe 12/9/99
5-HTP: Myth or Miracle? 5-HTP Elizabeth Baird 12/9/99
Caffeine in Athletes Caffeine Michelle Drinkard 12/9/99
Iron Deficiency Anemia Iron Michelle Baldwin 12/9/99
Hypnotherapy: Can it Stop Cigarette Addiction? Hypnosis Tommy Schroeter 12/9/99
The Zone Diet zone Kim Davis 12/9/99
Starch Blockers: A questionable answer to weight loss Starch Liz Tenny 12/9/99
Chitosan Chitosan Becca Goodyear 12/9/99
The Atkins Diet: Is it all it is Cracked up to Be? Atkins Carrie Paddock 12/9/99
Ephedrine - Secret to weight loss? Ephedrine Wendy  Dickson 12/9/99
Biomagnetic Therapy magnets Sarah Moreland 12/9/99
Slimfast and weight loss slimfast Laura Chernitsky 12/9/99
HMB: A dietary supplement for building muscle? HMB Nick Vera 12/9/99
Aricept: A new drug treatment for Alzheimer's  Aricept Cheryl Nichols 12/9/99
Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Acne Ortho Jessica Slenger 12/9/99
Exercise in a bottle bottle Abigail Murray 12/9/99
St. John's Wort: Too good to be true? stjohn Suzie Csorna 3/6/00
Earning a Patch for Weightloss:
Fucus Vesiculosus Skin Patches for Dieters
fucus Erica Morrison 3/6/00
The HawaiiDiet : Returning to our Roots Hawaii Kristen Thomas 3/6/00
A Closer look at The Use of Appetite Suppressant (Phenylpropanolamine) PPAweight Elizabeth Deuchler 3/6/00
The Atkins Diet: Too good to be true? Atkins Sophie Kennedy 3/6/00
Surgical treatment for morbid obesity surgery Emily Major 3/6/00
Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Creatine Estella Dotson 3/13/00
A miracle cure for obesity: Stimulife 750? stimulife Mariah Smith 3/13/00
Fasting: Body cleansing or body starving? Fast Kelly Grimes 3/13/00
Meridia: The new Anti-Obesity Drug Meridia Anjali Shah 3/13/00

Herbal Sports Cream: Pain Killer, Magical Cure, Or a Placebo Effect?

SportsCream Tom Hildebrandt 3/13/00
The effects of mental imagery on athletic performance image Annie Plessinger 3/13/00
Medical Marijuana: Reducing Spasticity in MS patients MS Heather Post 3/13/00
Eat Right 4 Your Type Eat4 Courtney Sanders 3/13/00
Wrestling practices and creatine monohydrate: A deadly combination? Wrestle Katie Dudash 3/14/00
Chromium picolinate and weight loss Chrome Amanda Allen 3/14/00
Achieving those sensuous lips lips Akashia Anderson 3/14/00
MaHuang (ephedrine):  The weight loss wonder drug? mahuang Hannah Vaughan 3/14/00
Ritalin: The smart drug? Ritalin Courtney Cartlisle 3/14/00
Tae Bo: Fitness craze or effective work out? Tae Bo Natalie Greer 3/14/00
Stimulife 750: Is it really all good and nothing bad? st750 Hillary Warner 3/14/00
Body Image in Children and Adolescents kids Kelly Grimes 4/21/00
Eating Disorders and Pregnancy pregnant Courtney Sanders 4/21/00
What is the relationship between anorexia nervosa and obsessive compulsive disorder? OCD Mariah Smith 4/21/00
Children and Eating Disorders: A review of the Literature Children Emily Major 4/21/00
Evidence supporting a relationship between eating disorders and alcohol abuse alcohol Heather Post 4/21/00
What is the Relationship Between the Three Elements of the Female Athletic Triad:  Disordered Eating, Amenorrhea, and Osteoporosis?  Triad Sophie Kennedy 4/21/00
Effective treatments for anorexia and food refusal in children. refuse Hannah Vaughan 4/21/00
Familial relationships and bulimia family Suzie Csorna 4/21/00
A comparison between cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure with response prevention in the treatment of bulimia CBT-ERP Katie Dudash 4/22/00
The influence of family functioning on eating disorders famfunct Amanda Allen 4/22/00
Treatment of Binge Eating in Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder BingeTreat Tom Hildebrandt 4/22/00
The relationship between eating disorders and athletic participation Athlete Annie Plessinger 4/22/00
The relationship between anorexia nervosa and obsessive compulsive disorder AN-OCD Anjali Shah 4/23/00
Do body image and the prevalence of eating disorders differ across cutlures? Culture Courtney Carlisle 4/23/00
Childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders Abuse Erica Morrison 4/23/00
Eating Disorders and Reproduction: A Dangerous Combination Birth Natalie Greer 4/23/00
Birth Order and Eating Disorders Order Kristen Thomas 4/23/00
Body Image, Culture, and Self-Esteem in African American Women AfricanAmerican Vashti Dotson 4/3/00
Women who are Overweight and Underweight Have Problems with Fertility Fertile Akashia Anderson 4/23/00
Human Growth Hormone: Anti Aging Miracle? HGH Lelslie Johnson 5/6/00
Eating Disorders in Asia Asia Leslie Johnson 5/6/00
Neurofeedback and Attention Deficit Disorder neuroADD Kim Trask 10/31/00
Ephidrine and its use in Weight Loss Ephedrine Lindsay Beckner 10/31/00
Anabolic Steroids: Not just for men anymore steroids Lindsay Sutton 10/31/00
Are you having problems with your sex life? Horny Goat Weed May be your Answer Horny Goat Weed James Reedy 10/31/00
Osteoarthritis and the Ideal Treatment Glucosamine Stephanie Jacks 10/31/00
The catabolic diet: Fact or Fiction? catabolic Nicole Jumper 10/31/00
Beelieve it or not:  The Effects of Bee Pollen on Energy and Weight Loss beepollen Kendra Collins 10/31/00
Migraine Headaches and Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) msg Lauren Harned 11/1/00
Creatine and its Dangers danger Patrick Garrard 11/1/00
Transcendetal Meditation: A prescription for lower blood pressure? TM_BP Hilary Weiss 11/1/00
Cure for Axillary Hyperhydrosis: Botox Injections Botox Diane Van Horn 11/1/00
The Hype and Truth about Echinacea Echinacea Kelly McCoy 11/5/00
Massage Therapy Web Page Massage Allison Wells 11/5/2000
Exercise and Depression Exdep Najla Husseini 11/5/2000
Don't Stress out, Work out Stress_exercise Taylor Overstreet 11/5/2000
Caffeine and Sports Performance Caffeine Jack Hartley 11/5/2000
Nicotine and its effect on weight nicotine Helen Hunt 11/5/2000
Kava-Kava: The solution to today's problems of stress and anxiety? kava-kava Heather Brant 11/5/2000
St. John's Wort SJWort Michael Clark 11/5/2000
Ephedrine and Caffeine Combination EphCaff Elizabeth Crum 11/5/2000
Chitosan: The Promise of a Pill Chitosan Kate Benedict 3/10/2001
5-Hydroxl-L-Tryptophan 5-HTP Jenny McGettigan 3/10/2001
Surgical Treatment of Obesity: A Look at Gastric Banding Surgery Cami Ridley 3/10/2001
Alcohol and your health alcohol Jennifer Nichols 3/10/2001
Xenical Xenical Beth Brunner 3/10/2001
The Dangers of Metabolife 356 met356 Meegan Peery 3/10/2001
Does excessive television viewing lead to obesity in children? TVkids Jennifer Nichols 5/1/01

The Relationship Between Impulsive Behaviors and Eating Disorders:Do anorexics and bulimics differ in their tendency to act rashly?

Impulsive Jenny McGettingan 5/1/01
Sexual Orientation and Body Image Dysmorphia Sexual Beth Brunner 5/1/01

Comorbidity issues in Eating Disorders:What is the relationship between obsessive-compulsive Disorder and eating disorders?

Comorbid Cami Ridley 5/1/01
Pregnancy and Eating Disorders Pregnant Meegan Peery 5/1/01

Are the existing criteria within the DSM IV culturally relevant to our diverse society?  

Diverse Kate Benedict 5/1/01



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