How do Buteyko Breathing Techniques Treat Asthma?
     The average individual breaths between four and six liters of air per minute.  The average  asthmatic breaths twelve liters of air per minute.  Asthmatic breaths are considered to be in the state of hyperventilation.  "The theoretical foundation of the Buteyko Breathing Technique is that hyperventilation causes a depletion of carbon dioxide;  low levels of carbon dioxide in the organism cause blood vessels to spasm and also cause oxygen starvation of the tissues (an asthma attack)(  The method is founded an assumption that asthma is exclusively caused by chronic hyperventilation and subsequent low aveolar carbon dioxide levels, which are said to destabilise the airways.  In theory, buteyko gives the body plenty of carbon dioxide and does not allow for an asthmatic reaction. ( and


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