What are Buteyko Breathing Techniques?
      A practice which was invented by Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko in 1968 in Moscow, Russia, buteyko breathing techniques are a series of breathing exercises and stretches which stabilize ones breathing rate.  Concentrating on the intake of  liters of air, buteyko forces the sufferer to take more effective breaths rather than the  shallow over-breaths  of an asthmatic (http://www.ultra.net.aw.buteyko/#whatisbuteyko). The Buteyko clinics claim that "buteyko does not involve physiotherapy or diaphragm breathing techniques, meditation, religion, hypnotherapy. rebirthing, vitamins, special diets, or positive thinking.  There is no physical contact with the instructor or anyone else in the class (http://www.buteyko.co.nz), just a series of exercises which will stabilize ones rate of breathing and be the key to solving hypertension.


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