The Truth AboutYo-Yo Dieting

    This site is about the danger of fad diets.  It is an example of the good information available on the worldwide web.  This article brings up an excellent point, which is if we have all these new technologies then why is such a large percentage of the American population overweight?  Now more then ever technology allows for more easy success then ever, but still with all that technology the bottom line is it is imperative to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly to lead a truly healthy lifestyle.  There is a condition which fad diet users often suffer from, “weight cycling,” which can lead to an increase in diabetes, hypertension, and death.  Due to the fact the diet ends in failure the person often becomes depressed and suffer from low self-esteem and a feeling of guilt.  These conditions just lead to a gain in weight, which creates even more of a dangerous cycle.
     This article is very informative and there is no product being sold, which leads one to have more confidence in the information available.  If a company doesn’t have a product to sell then why would they make false accusations about a product?  The answer is, they probably wouldn’t.


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