What is the purpose of this treatment/product?
     This site is a collection of diets that contain a specific meal plan for each day.  These diets each claim to help a person to lose weight in a few days, these diets range from three to seven day plans.
What is the rationale?  How does it supposedly work?
     The rationale of each of these diets is different, but they all have the same general thoughtóto lose weight fast.  Any person would lose weight if they ate according to these diets, the caloric intake is extremely low.  They work by eliminating calories from the diet, which would be conducive to losing weight.
What claims are made about the effectiveness of this treatment?  What evidence if any is offered in support of the claim?
    There are no actual claims made about the effectiveness of these treatments.  In fact, the site actually encourages the person considering the diet to check with their doctor first.  They also include a note that these diets are considered fad diets and that there are no guarantees; they only may work for permanent weight loss.
Who is presenting this information, and why are they presenting it?
     A site that is just a general information site, they are not marketing a product or trying to sell something, is presenting this information.  They are simply presenting it for the sake of information.
Product Summary
     These diets are interesting to read, but they donít really seem safe because they simply cut calories, they donít solve the problem permanently.  I do appreciate the fashion they are presented, with the preface that they are not the solution to a problem, just a suggestion of a model diet that may aid in weight loss.



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