What is the purpose of this treatment/product?
 The purpose of this product is to “have a low fat, high-energy health mean, on the go!”  These cookies are to help a person to lose weight, they also help to increase a person’s energy, they may even possibly lower cholesterol, decrease the risk of certain cancers, slow the aging process and boost your immune system.  Texas D’Lites will even help to save money on the monthly grocery bill.
What is the rationale?  How does it supposedly work?
     Texas D’Lites work because the actually satisfy the appetite as opposed to suppressing it.  They also help to increase energy that will help to give energy to a person so they can engage in activities.
What claims are made about the effectiveness of this treatment?  What evidence if any is offered in support of the claim?
 The advertisement claims that Texas D’Lites help people to lose weight, increase a person’s energy, save money on grocery bill, “lower your cholesterol, decrease the risk of certain cancers, slow the aging process and boost your immune system.”  This advertisement makes many claims while they have absolutely no evidence to support their claims, except one quote by a doctor.
Who is presenting this information, and why are they presenting it?
    Wellness 4 Us, a company who has one interest—money, are presenting this information.  They make many claims and have no scientific evidence to back them up.
Product Summary
     This site is the most blatant advertisement only that I have seen.  This advertisement made claims that their cookie could solve almost every health problem known to Americans today.  They have no background information as to why any person should buy their product.  I would never buy Texas D’Lites because of the lack of information that the company provided.


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