Part II. Metabolife and Safety

How Safe is Metabolife?
Research on the internet leads to the conclusion that Metabolife is a safe and effective weight loss alternative. But how much can the information on the net be trusted? Cannot anyone post what he wishes for others to believe and interpret as fact?
According to the information posted on the world wide web, a study has been performed testing the safety and effectiveness of Metabolife. However, this study is virtually unattainable. If it has been published somewhere, there is no data base that is aware of it, and Dr. Harry Gwirstman is apparently a very busy man, as he did not take the time to respond to my messages. Thus, the only hope of researching the safety and effectiveness of Metabolife was through dissectional research. However, this limited what could be found regarding the effectiveness of the problem, and much was left up to interpretation.
The questions of safety and effectiveness brought me to Medline, where I took it upon myself to do real research on Metabolife. However, as Metabolife was not in Medline, I researched the individual ingredients.

Analysis of Individual Ingredients in Metabolife:
The ingredients in Metabolife are as follows:

Ma Huang
Bee Pollen
Vitamin E*
Gota Kola
Spirulina Algae
Royal Jelly

* These elements are found in many daily foods and nutrients and are considered to be necessities.


These ingredients are undisputably all natural. However, "all natural" does not mean "all safe." Perhaps the Ma Huang is the biggest threat to consumer, but a slew of other studies prove that many of the other ingredients have a questionable safety level. Moreover, the role that each ingredient plays in the weight loss/energy gain dietary supplement is unclear. No where on the publicized literature is there a mention of this, and it can only be induced from the data obtained from studies.

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