What is the purpose of this treatment/product?
     FatAbsorb is a drug that eliminates fat, which results in the elimination of pounds.  Each capsule actually eliminates three grams of fat from entering the blood stream.  Since the new fat is naturally eliminated the body can actually work on the fat that already exists, which results in weight loss.  FatAbsorb also lowers cholesterol.  FatAbsorb, in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program, helps to achieve weigh loss goals.
What is the rationale?  How does it supposedly work?
     FatAbsorb is a capsule that contains only one ingredient, Chitin, which is a fiber from the sea that is attracted to saturated fat.  The Chitin actually captures the fat that is ingested and carries it out of the body.  The bond formed is such a strong attraction, so it is impossible for the absorption through the blood stream, the fat is allowed to pass naturally through the body.
What claims are made about the effectiveness of this treatment?  What evidence if any is offered in support of the claim?
     FatAbsorb is most effective when used in conjunction with low fat to fat-free diet and a regular exercise program.  There are no statistics that prove the effectiveness, but there is a link to testimonials of those who have tried the product and succeeded.  This advertisement is very cautious to not make any claims that they can not support with evidence.
Who is presenting this information, and why are they presenting it?
     This information about FatAbsorb is being presented in the form of an advertisement for the sole purpose of selling the capsule, but they are careful to not make any claims about the product being guaranteed to work.  They do make reference to the fiber Chitin being a newly found sea fiber that has been studied extensively in medical journals because it has so many amazing uses and applications.
Product Summary
     This product is more believable because it discusses the need for a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine is strongly encouraged.  Though the FatAbsorb is a drug that may not actually work, at least it encourages a well-balanced diet and a regular exercise routine.



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